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At King Wan Eco Solutions, we empower enterprises by using Digital Solutions and Technology to identify areas of energy saving opportunities and implement the solutions.

With a seamless network of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we provide a one-stop solution for buildings, transforming them into truly Smart Buildings of the future.

Our Solutions


Through a seamless network of IoT sensors and use of AI, King Wan Eco Solutions provides a platform to monitor a building’s health and condition, as well as manage key building parameters. Our digital solutions help buildings and facilities consume electricity and utilities smarter and more efficiently, thus reducing operating costs and carbon footprint.

Data Analytics

Our IoT platform equipped with Data Analytics and AI provides high visibility on building health and energy consumption patterns, and insights on how spaces can be better managed.

Management areas include Energy Consumption, Equipment and Asset Condition, Indoor Air Quality, and Lighting. In aspects where human involvement in such management is limited or difficult, our IoT platform uncovers even the “hidden” patterns and details where humans will usually be unable to detect.

  • Energy Management

    Increased efficiency and reduce wastages in consumption.

  • Asset Management

    Prolonged lifespan and reduction of human errors.

  • Indoor Air Quality

    Improved comfort for occupants.

  • Lighting

    Find the right amount of light for every condition.

King Wan Eco Solutions is able to customise a dashboard for Smart Facilities Management capable of real time data display, to aid day-to-day Operations and Maintenance, Asset Performance Management and compliance-related reporting.

Your Savings

Green Retrofitting & Optimisation

Leveraging on King Wan’s strength and experience in the M&E sector over the past 40 years, we can offer end-to-end, one-stop solutions, linking the digitalisation process with implementing the recommended retrofitting, upgrading and optimisation works.

Our solutions offer accountable savings and assist you to pursue your energy efficiency and carbon reduction goals with minimal interruptions and compromises to business operations and comfort level.

Some of the equipment upgrade options include:

  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning systems (HVAC)

  • Lighting

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors

  • Water Distribution

Your Sustainability

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

Even after equipment or system replacement, our IoT platform equipped with AI will be able to continuously optimise energy consumption through learning the patterns in daily operations and adjusting system operating parameters according to dynamic and live conditions.

Predictive Maintenance

Under the Asset Performance Management framework, our AI enabled Predictive Maintenance dashboard can continuously monitor equipment performance, and provide insights on equipment health and anomaly. The traditional approach of reactive maintenance will be transformed into predictive maintenance, meaning the maintenance team can take action before equipment break down, hence reducing the downtime of equipment and costs to the owners.

Our Solutions

Environmental Risks Compliance

With the robust data collected through our network of IoT sensors, we can provide advisory, enable services and produce reports for environmental risks compliance, carbon footprint assessment and sustainability reporting.

Our Solutions

Partnership Models

Zero Capex Partnership

Our Green Financing program (Zero CAPEX) provides a turnkey solution that achieves energy savings for building owners with zero initial outlay, while ensuring operational continuity.

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